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These guys focus on the northern half of the state and run the athletics for the Woodland Games
Northern California
Here's a link for another group
These guys maintain a database of athletes and keep track of rankings, points, etc. They also sell some videos for athletes.

Scottish Masters International


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Scottish Curling


MoPac - Mountain Pacific Curling Association's Google Group

TIME's Sean Gregory learns how to hurl some Scottish stone down a sheet of ice with the U.S. Olympic Curling Team.

The Wine Country Curling Club goal is to promote the sport of curling in Solano, Napa, Sacramento, and neighboring counties.

The WCCC typically holds curling leagues, pick-up-games and Learn to Curl clinics year-round. In addition, the WCCC hosts a yearly curling tournament over the Labor Day Weekend. For current curling events, please view their website. WCCC accepts people of all physical abilities. Previous experience is not required. WCCC is a member of the United States Curling Association and Mountain Pacific Curling Region.

WCC curls at Skatetown Roseville, 1009 Orlando Avenue, Roseville, CA  (916) 783-8550

WCC Website
Facebook page:

Anyone interested in learning to curl should contact: Susan Sweetser at Skatetown, (916) 783-8550, ext. 115 or email Bryan Moffitt at:

Curling involves teams of four trying to knock an opponents 42 pound stones out of a circle and having your stones closest to the center to earn points.


Inquiry can be made by email to:
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San Francisco Curling Club



Come play Scotland's oldest team sport - Camanachd also known as Shinty. The club is open to male and female participation, no previous experience is required. We have loaner equipment and periodically schedule new player sessions to focus on basic skills and rules of the game.

Camanachd, also known as Shinty, has been played in the Highlands of Scotland for over 2000 years. It's a game of the stick and ball variety, similar to Field Hockey and Irish Hurling. There is also a similarity to Golf, in fact Golf is believed to have evolved from Shinty. Shinty played properly is more aerial than Field Hockey due to the wedge-shaped head of the Shinty Stick (called Caman in Scots Gaelic). Check out our website for photos of camans and the rules of the game as well as our schedule. We have a wide range of ability from beginning level players of various ages to experienced players who have played in Scotland. So far we are mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area, with teams in the South Bay, Peninsula and the East Bay.

Northern California Camanachd Club - e-mail

Central California Camanachd Club

US Camanachd - e-mail

The governing body for Camanachd in Scotland

Skye Camanachd (team) website:

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