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July 2018

Here is a link to some highlights from the first six months of 2018

Trix fell and broke her wrist the end of March and the doctor would not let her fly, so I went to Hawaii by myself for the Hawaiian Scottish Games. I had commitments with the band and two other couples had made plans to gp with us. She was in a cast for six weeks but is doing well now and knitting up a storm.

We still visit our former daughter-in-law, Sonja in Oakland a couple of times a month.

I have been playing with my cowboy band but am starting to let them do the gigs without me. I’m still managing them, but they are starting to book some of the local gigs themselves.

I am still doing a lot of veteran support piping. Memorial Day was very busy, and I just played my rope tension drum in the Fourth of July parade in Redwood City with the SAMS color guard.

Taylor and Brady, our two oldest grandkids have done well in high school. Taylor has been accepted at Adam’s College in Colorado for next fall and Brady will be a junior. Both are continuing with competitive swim team. Seven-year-old Oliver has also done well in school and we have him over on the weekends once or twice a month. We expect to have a fourth grandchild in October.

We hope you are all doing well. Although the whole western United Sates seems to be on fire, we are not in the path of any of the fires and not likely to be. We are also not affected by the volcano in Hawaii as far as our visits to Oahu.

Chuck and Trix Jamison

Here are a couple of high points from 2017 and our last update:

Our ex daughter-in-law with Huntington's Disease, was finally placed at a neurological facility in late August 2017. We had been waiting almost a year for a bed. The facility is clean, friendly, and has a family atmosphere.

Our trip to Disneyland in July 2017 with our youngest grandson, Oliver, was a great success and he was well behaved for the whole trip. If you go to the link, click on the picture. It's a photo movie.

My cowboy band released our second CD in January. Go to Dust In My Coffee for more information about the band and the CD

Highlights from our trip to Hawaii in January 2018



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