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June 2021

Trix and I and our family want to wish you a Happy Fourth of July!

We were able to get to Hawaii several times so far this year.

Pete, Jessica, Abriella, and Liam are still living with us but hope to get their own place this fall.

The grandkids are all doing fine. Brady is at Texas A&M and Taylor is going to Sacramento State College. Oliver is living with his mother on the north coast.

We Skype twice a week with Sonja.

Trix has been doing a lot of knitting.

I was able to do some veteran support piping this year in Hawaii and here at home. I played at Punchbowl National Cemetery in Hawaii for USS Oklahoma Pearl Harbor sailors whose remains were recently identified. I also played for several other veteran funerals here in California.

I'm staying busy with veteran groups and virtual meetings. The membership database for Clan Gunn Society North America is coming along.


Chuck and Trix Jamison

Photo Highlights from 2021

Photo Highlights from 2020

If you want to help support the troops, consider Move America Forward. They send thousands of care packages over the year and are headquartered out of Sacramento, CA. Another great way to support troops and veterans is contribute to the Gary Sinise Foundation. I met him in DC and got his new book which is a very impressive autobiography.

Move America Forward

Gary Sinise Foundation

More opportunities at my Troop Support page.




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