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Here are some local businesses and tradesmen recommended by me, my friends, and neighbors: (update 11/17/2014)

Chuck's recommendations:

Frank Hopson 916 308-1957


Appliance Repair
Frank is local (Blue Oak Drive) and has hundreds of 5 star recommendations online. We found him knowledgable and reasonable. Chuck
Tod  Murdock

Tod  Murdock Construction
I have been a general contractor for 7 years. I have been in the industry for 15 minus my time in the USMC. I specialize in new construction and remodels, interior trim, cabinetry, light framing. I quit doing the heavy work a couple years ago but dont mind doing it from time to time.
Chris Patterson

P.O. Box 580706
Elk Grove, CA 95758

Patterson Heating & Air Conditioning

During the heat wave on the 4th of July weekend, our air conditioning went out.  We called several reputable services in the area to come look at it on an emergency basis.  We were told by most that we needed a new AC unit. We found Chris's  business online, and he was willing to come look at it for a very reasonable price.  Rather than selling us on a new AC, he said that we had a few more years left in the system, and expressed confidence that he could fix it. He referred us to the local hardward store for the part rather than overcharging us for one of his own.  And we've had a cool house ever since.


Tim Whedon

916 988-7880


Tim Whedon Roofing
Chris Harms

916 202-8453


Capital Tile
Tile setter
Jennie Nitta
916 663-3305
Jennie Nitta
Go to her website. I have known her for years and had her draw up a plan that we used in our front yard.

916 989-6967


7500 Mountain
PC Focus
Ed Lucky recommends PC Focus here in Orangevale if you need video transferred. I talked to them and they also do computer repair and service.
Absolutely stay away from Best Buy and Geek Squad.
916 988-6137
Heat and Air

My sister and I have both used them and are very happy with them.

Stay away from Clark Heat and Air

    Bellus Photography by Neisha
Bellus Photography by Neisha
I have to brag about this one! Neisha was hired as the photographer for a wedding that was on a World War ll B-17 Bomber. The bride and groom had their wedding ceremony in the plane, and in the air! Cary & Gary Meade (6/8/09)
404 Blue Ravine Road #500  
PC Components
Computer repair - in Folsom. They guarantee all their work. I have had a remarkable history with them. Many times they have helped me over the phone and talked me out of buying something when there was a simple solution. On the other hand, they have fixed my older computers several times and we bought a new computer for our daughter in law recently. Chuck
Absolutely stay away from Best Buy and Geek Squad.
Jim Blom
916 987-1680
5650 Main Street
Blom's Barbershop
My barber for several years. Good haircuts and he collects items for me to send to the troops as well as several local charities.
916 988-9876
9372 Madison Ave  Ste #7
Dry Cleaners
Flora sold Sam's Cleaners but the new owners have been very good.
Madison and Main
Strobelli's Pizza
Pizza - we have a new pizza parlor in the neighborhood. Strobelli's Pizza is located in the strip mall where Taco Bell is located (on the corner of Madison and Main). We ate there this last weekend (4 April) and were very impressed. Not only was the pizza the best but the owner is friendly and enthusiastic. His name is Jay. His dream is for it to be a "neighborhood friendly" pizza parlor where neighbors and friends can meet and enjoy his versatile menu of pizza, sandwiches, salad and appetizers. He has two large flat screen televisions for sports-minded patrons to enjoy. Next time your family feels like pizza, go in and introduce yourself. His pizza dough and sauce are made daily from scratch, I guarantee you'll taste the difference! ~Cary Meade (5/22/09)
322 East Bidwell Street
(across from the bowling alley)
Sergio's Trattoria
Hi Neighbors, We went to dinner at a new Italian restaurant in Folsom. The food was outstanding! There were four of us and each ordered something different, all four entrees were wonderful. The food is as fresh as you can get. (Cary Meade)
(916) 988-5266
9372 Madison Ave
(same shopping center as Taco Bell) 
Professional Nails & Hair
Rosie is the owner and buys top quality products. I go to her to have my nails done and they stay looking really nice for several weeks. Her prices are better then any other salon in the area, they specialize in pedicures as well.
El Patio
Since we are sharing places where we've gone in the neighborhood.... I would like to recommend "El Patio" .... I think that is what it's called.  They're located in the Raley's Shopping Center facing Hazel kiddie corner to  Hancocks.  They're a Mexican restaurant.  The food and service are very good, and it is nice.  They have a patio. Good selection too!  Try it if you're in the mood for Mexican food. (Olympia and Bill Zellmer)
Barbara Hall
(916) 224-1468
Hall's Cleaning
  I needed someone to help with some heavy "Spring Cleaning". I couldn't believe what a truly thorough job she did and in a timely manner. I got her name from two other neighbors in our neighborhood that use her monthly and highly recommended her. Cary Ann Meade
Other recommendations (contractors and handymen and women):

Jeff Loux, Owner


1723  Chilton Dr



If you need any plumbing or maintenance, you may contact the following independent plumber who services the greater Roseville, Granite Bay, Folsom, Rocklin, Loomis and Auburn areas:

I have had his services for several plumbing problems and he has done a great job.  His prices are based on the individual job and not on an call or hourly basis.

His rates are the lowest or one of the lowest in the area.  


He also gives a veterans discount .

Keith Belford

916 812-1626


The only one that we know that is very good
Tim Murphy



Mike Murphy
916 369-7511
MM Roofing
He does excellent work for reasonable rates, and cleans up after the job is done. His brother, Brian, is my handyman (455-8960). He charges $35/hour, whatever the job, and does everything from plumbing to landscape to yard work to installing drywall in my garage. They're both really nice guys, which makes it even more pleasant to work with them.

916 455-8960


Bob Clegg
916 725-9230
Citrus Heights
 I can recommend someone.  He is licensed as a painting contractor, but he is a few years older than us and has done/can do just about anything.  We have been fixing up/remodeling our house (it's 30 years old), and he did the drywall repair work needed, removed the popcorn from our ceilings, and painted the interior - it looks beautiful.  He is in the process of planning a re-landscaping of our front yard (I've seen pictures of yards he has already done, and they are lovely), and he does construction-type jobs, also (among other things).  We will probably have him re-do our patio cover next year.  He is an extremely hard worker, has very good ideas for how to do things, and is very thorough and detail-oriented.  
Rich Borgesi

916 439-3634


RAI Builders
I got this one on good recommendation from the Del Webb office.
Russell  Stone
916 635-4180
We have used and successfully recommended a licensed contractor by the name of Russell Stone.  He really seems to care about doing a good job, and he is very inexpensive.
Kelly  Lee

916 687-6519


Larry Nevill

Larry Nevills
Top notch in every respect.  Has done a lot of work for me.
Darrel  Haskin
916 217-1309


I highly recommend Darrel Haskin.  He graduated a few years after us, and he lives about two blocks from RHS.  He's a general contractor and does all kinds of projects, from fence building to electrical work to building add-ons and remodels.  He's great!


Mike Martin  

MJM Home Services
The best, I have used him for 4 projects and I will be using him for more.
Roy Crimrine
916 833-2666

Licened contractor (marine vet ). He builds decks and fences.



I not only highly recommend Geoff, but I know he and his family personally.  He is an honest, hard working individual who owns his own company & does the work himself.  He re-did our back deck with trecks planks as we requested and it looks superb, he has painted the interior of our home, consulted on design and colors, and he has worked on other "honey-do" projects as well in or home.


Anthony  Jackson

Anthony Jackson is a contractor I believe. He is working on the remodel for Spiritual Life Center's offices. I suggest you get in touch with him.


Soslan, an employee at home depot in the Mill Works dept does side jobs and from experience he does real good work.  He is currently building a fence for a friend of ours and I have no problem referring him to someone who needs work done. He is willing to come see what you have in mind and give you an estimate at that time.
Paul Speers 
916 768-2437


Paul was recommended to me by my Realtor when escrow closed on our home last year.  She trusts him.  And so do we!  He's a General Contractor so can do many things, not just one.  We've had Paul rip out and replace part of a wall to address a leak from a stained glass window --- no more leaks!  It was amazing to not be able to easily see where the cuts are.  He's fixed plumbing leaks for us.  He's the guy who installed the electrical and got our spa up and running. We've also had him build a double gate fence to replace the fallen fence that was on the front of our property.  Now there's a wide enough gate to allow friends with RVs to park in our yard.  Paul is friendly, cheerful, thorough and on time.  He cleans up after himself.  He's our go-to guy when we need things done. Lauren McLachlan


Mark Christensen 

Mark Christensen has done work for both Sharon Young & I. (Also Janice Douglas)  He's reasonable & competent.  I'm planning on hiring him again just as soon as I can.


800 626-1677
530 626-1676
El Dorado Restoration

I just had roof, drywall and inside work done. They will be possibly working on my deck in the future.   My State Farm Insurance company recommended them to me and they have been absolutely fabulous and very professional and great work!


Rick Therian
He is very good.  Rick and Troy have worked together for a very long time, about 20 years.  They are both contractors and can do anything, but it is Rick's business.  They are not fast, but they do good work, they are dependable.
Bill Van Riper
 Felix & I have been very pleased with all the work that Bill Van Riper did for us.  He is a licensed contractor and works alone.    I think he has done several decks this summer.  I can name some of the work Bill did for Felix & me.  He built a 2 story barn, built a work shop and second story storage area above the workshop in our large 40 x 60 metal building,  built a 2 story office building with a breezeway to our main house, and remodeled our entire house in Garden Valley, including the large deck and foot bridge.  He has laid lots of cement and rebuilt our garage.  Also he remodeled our commercial duplex property.  He also installs wood stoves.  He built wooden stairs out the back side of the house approx 25 feet high so we could get up the tall hill to get to the barn and metal bldg.  Here in Orangevale he built the front building that Golden State Art Works is in.  I believe he built the entire house that I now live in behind my son's shop.  He built a home in Georgetown and one in Shelter Cove.    We have been very pleased with all the work he has done for the Othon Family .  He is honest, hard worker and very reliable.
Lyle Porter

916 871-6850


Marland Locken 



Nathan Middleton
916 765 9384
Middleton Construction

Nathan Middleton is my neighbor, and he just finished rebuilding my deck and that of my next door neighbor. He did a beautiful job on both decks. 


Brian Barger
Zack Favinger
916 223-5681
River City Construction.

I have a close friend who is a licensed contractor and owner of River City Construction.  They have several beautiful decks in their portfolio.  


Bob Borchin
Bob Borchin Construction

I have known him for a long time. Very reasonable


Mike Baker
916420-7462 (cell) 530-823-6900 (hm)

we have a fellow we know quite well who's done several projects for us, and he and his wife are currently tenants in one of Rosemarie's rentals.  He's very reliable, gets things done for reasonable rates and we definitely vouch for his integrity.


916 474-0332
He was supervisor/foreman on several construction projects.  I was married to a master electrician and so I have been in construction environment and I know what is good and what is not.  He has done work for me and several of my friends and they praise and praise his work.  He also does the construction of the backgrounds of the church plays and things for kids.  You couldn't ask for a nicer person.
Ben Huffines
916 624-5000
Environmental Landscape

Not the cheapest but does a very good job, easy to work with


Scott Olney
KBO Construction 

I do have a very nice contracter.  My daughter and I both use him.  All his subs are top notch also.


916 686-4990
My brother in law
Durk Gragg
 I highly recommend him
Mid State Builders
 I have a great guy that is license and a professional 
Kris kern
Nick Maguoay
916 213-5905
 He's a family friend and has done a great job in several different projects at my house and my parent's, sister's, and brother's houses.
Bob Puliz

My husband said to check with this guy--he's used him before and he's fast and not too expensive;


Guy Biggs
I am a general contractor in Rocklin and cover the greater Sacramento area in nearly every part of construction.  I do a lot of owner assist, so in the matter of you doing part of it, that is what I love the most about this work.  If I can be of any help, please call or email.
Alan Jacobson
916 712-3897

I was at a friend of mine the other day, fixing a pipe that the siding guys had to cut. The job they did on the house is great. I have been in the plumbing over 50 years, this is one of the best I have seen. 


Mike Wiley

He tore the entire front of my house off to repair some rot, and he built a nice arbor for me.  He also installed three new windows, so I can recommend lots of kinds of work he does very well.  


These guys are spot on…ask for Kent
Frank Solis
916 201-3540
He installed the front & garage entry doors (not the big one), a tiled floor & bathroom for my brother who had a stroke; he installed the simple vanity to his specifications.  He's done some other work but I can't remember because I can't think of them.  He's a good man.  He was a Marine
Laurie Hale
530 367-4929
Silver Crest Builders,
I was talking this over with my spa maintenance guy and he indicated he had a close friend who was a contractor (general) and was actively seeking work.  She had just completed a $400k home in Foresthill.  She came by and gave me an estimate and the job is 80% done in two days.




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